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Wes Visits the Name Image Likeness Podcast

September 09, 2022 Wes Brown
Analog Advisor
Wes Visits the Name Image Likeness Podcast
Show Notes

On this episode, Wes joins the Name Image Likeness Podcast!

During this episode, we are joined by
Wes Brown from CogentBlue Wealth Advisors. We discuss Wes’ unique journey to becoming a wealth advisor and we discover more about the role of a wealth advisor. Wes describes best practices that athletes can apply now to NIL income that can translate into growing wealth after graduation. Wes describes how athletes can responsibly manage money earned through NIL opportunities. 

We discuss our favorite recent nillies. Wes brings up one of our all-time favorites, Josh Paschal’s run as the Defender of Decay for Steckler Pediatric Dentistry. We also discuss Decoldest Crawford’s deal with SOS Heating and Cooling and The Matador Club’s deal with Texas Tech football players.

We hear from Nillie Athlete Sai Brown and learn more about his personal brand and interests.

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In This Episode:

CogentBlue Wealth Advisors
Wes Brown
Defender of Decay
Steckler Pediatric Dentistry
Decoldest Crawford
The Matador Club
Sai Brown

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