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Life-Centered Financial Planning with Bob Bolen

August 15, 2022 Wes Brown Season 1 Episode 2
Analog Advisor
Life-Centered Financial Planning with Bob Bolen
Show Notes

This week on the podcast, Wes interviews Certified Financial Planner Bob Bolen. Bob has had a storied career and his credentials include being both a CFP and CFA, as well having training in financial psychology and helping clients through major financial transitions. Career-wise, Bob spent his early years as an equity analyst, later moving onto building and selling a financial planning practice, and ultimately starting a fintech company. In this episode, Wes and Bob discuss a handful of topics, but the primary focus is on life-centered financial planning. They explore what it means to put money in service to your life as opposed to the opposite, and why this approach leads to better outcomes. 

In This Episode: 

Touchstone Pathway
Money Quotient
The Loveless Cafe
Natchez Trace Parkway
Discover Your Destiny by Bill and Kathy Peel

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