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The Revenge of Analog with David Sax

July 15, 2022 Wes Brown Season 1 Episode 1
Analog Advisor
The Revenge of Analog with David Sax
Show Notes

This week on the podcast, Wes interviews reporter and author David Sax. In addition to five books, David has written for the likes of The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Bloomberg Business Week.

His book,
The Revenge of Analog, was hugely influential on the idea for this podcast. In this episode, Wes and David discuss topics such as the risk of not thinking critically before adopting the latest technology, the difference between innovation and invention, and the role of empathy and connection in decision-making.

In This Episode:

Website  | David on Twitter
The Revenge of Analog (Book)
Schwartz’s Deli Montreal
The Glass Cage: How Our Computers are Changing Us by Nicholas Carr

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